fin|ish1 W2S1 [ˈfınıʃ] v
1¦(stop doing something)¦
4¦(end something by doing something)¦
6¦(take away somebody's strength)¦
7¦(use all of something)¦
8 put/add the finishing touches (to something)
Phrasal verbs
 finish off
 finish up
 finish with something/somebody
[Date: 1300-1400; : French; Origin: finir, from Latin finire, from finis 'end']
1.) ¦(STOP DOING SOMETHING)¦ also finish off [I and T]
to complete the last part of something that you are doing
You can't go anywhere until you've finished your homework.
Have you finished that book yet?
finish doing sth
I finished typing the report just minutes before it was due.
'How's the decorating going?' 'We've nearly finished.'
2.) ¦(END)¦
[i]especially BrE when an event, activity, or period of time finishes, it ends, especially at a particular time
The football season finishes in May.
What time does school finish?
3.) ¦(EAT/DRINK)¦ also finish up/off [T]
to eat or drink all the rest of something, so there is none left
I'll just finish my coffee.
4.) ¦(END SOMETHING BY DOING SOMETHING)¦ also finish off [I and T]
to complete an event, performance, piece of work etc by doing one final thing
finish with
The party finished with a sing-song.
finish (sth) by doing sth
I would like to finish by thanking you all for your help.
5.) ¦(RACE)¦ [I and T]
to be in a particular position at the end of a race, competition etc
finish first/second/third etc
He finished second in the 100 metres, behind Ben Johnson.
6.) ¦(TAKE AWAY SOMEBODY'S STRENGTH)¦ also finish off [T]
to take away all of someone's strength, energy etc
= ↑do somebody in
Another run like that would just about finish me.
7.) ¦(USE ALL OF SOMETHING)¦ [I and T]
BrE to completely use up the supply of something, especially food
The ice cream's finished - can you get some more?
8.) put/add the finishing touches (to sth)
to add the final details that make your work complete
The band are currently putting the finishing touches to their new album.
9.) ¦(SURFACE)¦ [T]
to give the surface of something, especially wood, a smooth appearance by painting, polishing, or covering it
The furniture had been attractively finished in a walnut veneer.
finish off phr v
1.) finish sth<=>off
to complete the last part of something that you are doing
It'll take me a couple of hours to finish this job off.
2.) finish sth<=>off
to use or eat all of something, so there is none left
Who finished off the cake?
3.) to complete an event, performance, piece of work etc by doing one final thing
finish off with
We'll finish off with a track from Adam's new album.
finish sth<=>off
She finished off her speech by thanking her sponsors.
finish off/finish sth<=>off by doing sth
Finish off by cleaning the monitor and the keyboard.
4.) finish sb/sth<=>off
to kill a person or animal when they are already weak or wounded
5.) finish sb<=>off
to take away all of someone's strength, energy etc
finish up phr v
1.) BrE informal to arrive at a particular place, after going to other places first
= ↑end up
I took a long holiday in Italy and finished up in Rome.
2.) BrE informal to get into a particular state or situation as the result of what you have done, especially without planning or expecting it
= ↑end up
One of the guys tried to bribe a police officer and finished up in jail.
finish up with
Brett got into a fight and finished up with a broken wrist.
3.) finish sth<=>up
to eat or drink all the rest of something, so there is none left
Come on, finish up your drinks!
finish with / [finish with sth/sb] phr v
1.) have/be finished with sth
to no longer need to use something
Have you finished with the scissors?
2.) have/be finished with sb
to have finished talking to someone or dealing with them, especially when you are angry with them or want to punish them
Don't go. I haven't finished with you yet.
'When I'm finished with you,' he said, 'you'll be lucky if you're still alive.'
3.) to end a romantic or sexual relationship with someone
So I told him I wanted to finish with him.
finish 2
finish2 S3 n
the end or last part of something
I was watching the race but I didn't get to see the finish.
The day was a disaster from start to finish (=from the beginning until the end) .
I won't walk out - I like to see things through to the finish .
a close finish
(=an end of a race where two competitors are very close to each other)
2.) a fight to the finish
a fight or game in which the teams or competitors struggle until one is completely defeated
3.) [U and C]
the appearance of the surface of an object after it has been painted, polished etc
That table has a beautiful finish.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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